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Look Mom!

Mom, do you remember when you said "Son, you are from Mars" ?
Now I believe you, mom!


Who Am I?

Senior Web Developer Name: Dorin Grigoras Born: 29 June 1982
Skills PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS ,Javascript, Linux

About Me Have you noticed the bush on the homepage?
Well, that bush took me 3 hours to plant it right there.
Yeah, and I'm not kidding.

Don't get me wrong: at the begining was an entire forest.
Well, a crooked forest - not exactly how I imagined.

So after 3 hours of work, I said to myself: What the Hell?
Would be much better if I plant only one bush in the center!
Let's sell the trees from my forest – that's what everybody does, isn't it?

So... here we are: I am telling you about my homepage bush and you are thinking to buy a template, isn't it? That's why I love this world!

Everything big in our lives start with a little funny story. What's your little story? Why you want to buy a nice template? What kind of project are you planning to build? I hope nothing related to "forest"

Click here and write me your little story!

Drinking Cofee

The Cat

Born: 3 years ago
Country: Romania

Jumping from the 5th floor

Dorin Grigoras